Photography as a new kind of love poem (Gebunden im Schuber)

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Einband: Gebunden im Schuber
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This is the fi rst monograph by Tomasz Gudzowaty, presenting a selection of his iconic pictures which have won him numerous awards and international recognition, alongside previously unpublished material. True Love Never Dies contains two decades of work by Gudzowaty, who dexterously explores a wide range of genres and formats-from social documentary to portraiture, from wildlife to sport, from austere black-andwhite pictures in the tradition of photojournalism to sophisticated color compositions. In editing the book, Gudzowaty eschews chronological or thematic order for a sequence shaped by moods and relationships, all unifi ed by his consistent and engaging investigation of the world and human condition.
Born in 1971, Tomasz Gudzowaty is a Polish documentary and portrait photographer who has won many major international photography competitions, including World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year International. He has spent the last two decades pursuing diverse subjects from wildlife to social issues and sport, creating a body of work with a consistent visual message and intellectual vision. His photography has been exhibited globally and published in magazines and newspapers such as Max, L'Equipe, Newsweek, Forbes, Time, Photo, GQ, The Guardian, National Geographic, British Journal of Photography, and Vogue Italia. Gudzowaty is also the author of several books.